The Beauty Of Bougainvillea Bonsai


Bougainvillea bonsai is one of the most growing bonsai trees.It is admired indoor plants, which can grow to four meters. It has a brilliant magenta flower in the middle of lush green leaves. Bougainvillea deliciously is moist conditions and dehydration which makes it suitable for home and office.

Bougainvillea Bonsai

It was acquired in factory sales outlet or getting it from people who have grown it. But a growing source is from an old backyard and from the scrap heap.Many aspects are affecting your bougainvillea such as watering, light, warmth and nourishing the most important for bonsai bougainvillea.

Bougainvillea Bonsai Beutiful

Bougainvillea Bonsai

As many as watering is concerned, bougainvillea more often prefer to be dry and should be watered carefully. On the other hand, as long as it’s grown, bonsai need more quantity of water.

Bonsai likes to be in full sun and never allow the sun to burn the leaves of plants. In cold weather bougainvillea turns into fall. This bonsai should be placed at a temperature of 49F to 54F. Pests should also be taken into account when growing bonsai. In this case, the pest is rare but still did not take the chance. Greenflies and whiteflies can be removed only by a few pesticides.

Bougainvillea bonsai food can vary from a week to two weeks. You do not feed the plants until and unless they want it. Bonsai can be pruned at any time of year. When the plant is not yet mature, fresh growth should be cut every month for a strong plant. If you find your bonsai is rather large, this is a great time to prune lower branches. Found color is red, cherry, gold, mauve, purple, orange, and white.

The Bougainvillea bonsai Dual Form with flowers near the last part of the stem, rather than evenly.

Bonsai is a tree that grows on the whole and is formed in a particular method. There are species that utilize advanced bonsai tree. Such as Fir and cedar trees are used to build a bonsai, some of these species will grow taller and larger than usual bonsai. But they still look like traditional bonsai tree. Keeping your bougainvillea bonsai life is easy and fun. All you need is love and care, attention and personal touch you, where small plants crave. Give a little of your time and your bougainvillea bonsai will reward you back mix of dreams, beauty, color and joy. If you want a beautiful bonsai, it must be the bougainvillea bonsai.

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