Bonsai Soil Recipe Tips


Requirements of Good Bonsai Soil

For any bonsai tree lovers, they indeed have already understood about the importance in how to provide their bonsai with the best quality of bonsai soil. Before I discuss about any available bonsai soil recipe, I want to discuss about any requirements of good quality bonsai soil. First is the quality of water retention. Any bonsai soil should be able to handle and hold water as the supply for the tree. Second basic requirement of good bonsai soil is good quality of drainage. If the soil has bad quality of drainage, many problems may occur including lack of aeration, salt build up, and others. Another requirement is the quality of aeration. Good aeration of soil may provide the root of bonsai tree with sufficient oxygen indeed. Below I want to discuss about bonsai soil recipe tips.

If it is about the types of bonsai soil recipe, you first should determine whether to use organic or inorganic bonsai soil. Each type indeed may has different advantage and function indeed. Organic bonsai soil has special components such as dead plant matters. Some best options of dead plant matter are bark, peat, as well as leaf litter. If it is about inorganic bonsai soil, you may recognize about the materials used as the soil such as any inorganic matters including fired clays, calcined, and also volcanic lava.

The main advantage of organic bonsai soil is indeed easily to get. If it is about the advantage of inorganic bonsai soil, you can get different variations and mixing. Yet, such matters are difficult to get.

Second thing you should know better about soil recipe is in how to maximize both the organic and inorganic of bonsai soil. If you want to maximize to apply organic soil recipe, you can consider the most in using peat as your choice of organic mixing component. Although many bonsai enthusiast may choose peat as their organic bonsai soil component, there are some downsides sometimes especially during rain season. The problem occurs specifically to the water retention. In order to deal with this problem, people commonly may take alternative option of bonsai soil organic matter such as bark which has better water drainage.

For any of you who love to use inorganic bonsai soil matter, you indeed can take advantage from any inorganic material because of the durability of the material which may resistance to the deformation into mush or at least can last longer compared to organic bonsai soil recipe. The best option to mix is certain inorganic matter such as Akadama.

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